A Small Box for a Big Future

Good things can come in small packages too!

The term ‘Flat Pack Home‘ has recently become a very popular way to describe homes built using the premanufactured or prefabricated process.

Whether it's the convenience of a fast, pop-up style construction, the ability to transport complete housing kits to remote locations, or the relatively low cost, this style of home is taking the world by storm. Today we see more and more of this style of home rather than the traditional brick and mortar style construction.COntact us today to get a free quote for your next dream project

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Building a prefab house is a complex task and to make the right decisions you need to know your stuff. We are here to provide all the information you need to make smart choices and to avoid making costly mistakes.We believe prefabricated wooden homes are the future of construction. We are here to help you with building your dream home in the best possible way.

Every month thousands of people browse our pages and hundreds of Home-buyers get in contact with us. We provide a one stop solution to save you going to multiple Manufacturers, Architects, consultants and Suppliers and get this all done for you so you can rest easy knowing its all taken care of.

An expert look on your project can save you time and money. We are top professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of prefab wooden construction and we can evaluate your project to guarantee a fast and smooth implementation along with most importantly the delivery.


A New Outlook

The homes in our gallery are just an example of what is possible to have built. We can assist you to develop your project and to build your unique prefabricated wooden house just the way you want it.

Tiny and Micro

Tiny and Micro

Your flat packed home doesnt have to be a castle! We provide solutions for all shapes and sizes. We have built the equivalent of garden shed type homes all the way to very large homes. For a style that suits you get in touch with us today